Over the course of 6 years of establishment and development in the field of investment and business real estate, CITIREAL GROUP has gradually affirmed its name and brand in the market of Vietnam. BUYING GROUP has brought the highest quality products and services to customers through the successful sale of real estate projects.

Currently, CITIREAL Group is one of the few real estate companies having financial strength and pioneering the development of real estate projects in the popular and medium segment, bridge of the majority of customers.

Especially, the projects of CITIREAL Group are guaranteed the utilities and pre-sale infrastructure, which further contributes to enhance the absolute trust for customers. With the criterion of “truthful, honest” customers are more secure when carrying out transactions and find out projects at CITIREAL Group.

To be able to build up the trust and prestige as today, CITIREAL Group is proud of a team of professional, dedicated and enthusiastic customers along the way throughout the development. myself. With the system of 3 large trading floors and flooring system linked to 15 offices in Ho Chi Minh City, the total business team of up to 600 people, Phat Lo Group will always endeavor in every circumstance to have. It affirms and enhances its position in the real estate market of Vietnam, contributing to creating and bringing to the new and more sustainable values ​​for customers and partners.

Main activities:

Investment consultancy, real estate business;
Consultancy on the establishment of real estate investment projects;
Project Management;
Real estate brokerage;
Construction of houses of all kinds;
Agents, goods brokerage;
Commercial business.